SCVSAR members answer the call to those in need in Snohomish County and beyond, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you have a strong interest in search and rescue we’d love to have you on board!

There are many ways to serve - and whether you're in the field or supporting operations at command, volunteers are only ever asked to serve on missions that are good matches for their skill level and experience.

SCVSAR is welcoming new members who wish to join. Fill out the Volunteer Interest Form; talk with a New Member Coordinator; attend a Unit Meeting or two; listen and ask questions; and get a realistic idea of what it means to be SAR. Before answering the call, ask yourself if you can commit the time it takes to train and respond to missions.

We’re looking for dedicated men and women who have a heart of service and who “show up when the call comes”. Perhaps that person is you…

What's In it for Me?

  • Become part of an elite, lifesaving organization
  • Receive free, comprehensive training
  • Meet like minded people, make friends, and build camaraderie in the outdoors
  • Develope excellent life and outdoor skills
  • Give back to the community

Start by filling out a simple questionnaire, and a SCVSAR New Member Coordinator will contact you within 48 hours. They will help answer your initial questions, can guide you to an appropriate SCVSAR Unit, and can get you started by inviting you to their next monthly meeting (virtual or in-person).
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Joining SCVSAR involves meeting both general membership as well as training requirements.

New members are able to volunteer for many mission types shortly after joining, while full certification can take up to a year.

Membership Requirements Training Requirements
  • The ability to remain calm and exercise sound judgment in sometimes tense or stressful situations.
  • A willingness to take direction from senior SCVSAR volunteers or Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office personnel.
  • For field personnel, be physically fit enough to perform assigned tasks. This means the ability to hike the trails commonly found in Snohomish County while carrying a 15-30lb backpack. Field personnel often work off-trail, moving through thick brush and vegetation and uneven, steep terrain.
  • SCVSAR welcomes members ages 14 and up. Members under 18 may participate either with a parent/guardian or as part of the Explorer Search and Rescue (ESAR) unit. Pass a criminal background check.
  • Pass a criminal background check.
  • Complete required training and obtain required equipment
  • Complete self-paced online training modules and coursework
  • For field personnel, an overnight “SAR Academy” will be required (two full days and an overnight in the field).
  • Specialty teams (such as Swiftwater Rescue, Man Trackers, K9, etc.) have additional training requirements.
  • Training is provided free of charge, and led by SCVSAR


Alderwood Unit

Alderwood Unit

Snohomish County’s south county unit. Members respond to all county call-outs and serve on Special Operations Group.

Everett Mountain Rescue Unit

Everett Mountain Rescue Unit

Provide technical rescue services in rugged mountain terrain. Joining EMRU involves a more detailed application process and requires technical climbing skills and experience.

Explorer Unit

Search and rescue for 14-18 year olds. Volunteers learn basic outdoor and first aid skills and students can earn school community service credits.

Marysville Unit

Marysville Unit

Snohomish County’s north county unit. Members respond to all county call-outs and serve on Special Operations Group.

Operations Support Unit

Operations Support Unit

OSU provides command, coordination, communications, and hospitality assistance to SCVSAR, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, and the Snohomish Country Department of Emergency Management.

Snohomish Unit

Snohomish County’s mid-county unit. Members respond to all county call-outs and serve on Special Operations Group.

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E-mail us today at volunteer@scvsar.org for more information on
becoming a member of SCVSAR.